Hey friends,

Hope you all are safe and good.

Don’t know why suddenly I was getting more requests in my matrimonial profile after I got married. …

My Wife was looking for a job as a teacher. One day she told me that she needs this particular newspaper every Thursdays since a lot of job opportunities are published on it. She asked me to bring the news paper when I come back from the office. But that…

Hello friends,

Today I am going to write about a vulnerability that may motivate some beginners who are struggling to find their first bug. It is the ‘OTP login rate limit bypass’. If you are a beginner in bug bounty I suggest you test for this kind of issue which…

Hi All,

This is a simple logical issue which I found in Facebook fundraiser feature. The blocking feature in Facebook leads to a lot of logical problems. This is one of them.

We can create fundraisers for nonprofits and personal causes on Facebook. We can add our friends as organizers…

Hi All,

I am Vivek. This is about a bug that I found in the Facebook private events. I reported almost 7 issues in the month of January and February this year but all the reports were closed as either informative or duplicate. …

Hello everyone,

My name is Vivek. I am currently working as a software developer in a private company.


“Hacking” — I was introduced to this term when I was a school student. I was born into a middle-class family. I wanted everything for free. Whenever I saw some expensive…


Software developer, Bug hunter

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